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Nas & Lauryn Hill Powernomics Tour Recap

Two of music's most iconic voices of our culture, have joined forces to bring us the Powernomics Tour.

Nas and Ms. Lauryn Hill are on the road blessing us with their classic hit's and Ms. Hill's remixed versions of her own timeless hits. Can you imagine meeting your favorite male and female rappers and lyricists, in the same day? Yea neither could I, but it went down and it was everything I imagined. Anyone that knows me knows how much of a Nas Stan I am, like he's literally my favorite rapper ever! The feeling is nearly mutual for Ms Lauryn Hill. I've listen to their music so much, for so long, it seemed like this moment was inevitable. Nas is still the goat, and I was just proud and happy to see Lauryn looking good and performing.

So we are backstage, and of course in my mind for weeks I'd be planning what I'd do or say if I ever had the chance to meet one of these living legends. It's one of those things you never quite believe it would so you don't want to get your hopes. Like, something is going to go wrong, or I'm gonna get curved, or they are gonna be like, "sorry not pictures" or some mess. But it was all good and all smooth, and as I finally approached them I said. "You both are the greatest, no debate" they told me thank you and smiled and I went on with "I know your'e tired (being that they just came off stage), but just wanted to tell you how much your music has impacted my life, and I thank you so much for that." Nas replied, "You give us energy, with the love", I was speechless. Lauryn squeezed my hand so hard like my Great Grandmother use to every time shook my hand. The best part was one my Howard University pals Brent Birkhead was the Saxophonist in the live band, and thanks to him, I was able to lurk back stage a little longer than the average fan, and just icon watch and be in the vicinity of Nas and L Boogie.

Check out my full recap of the show below as well as some exclusive backstage footage I slid in.

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