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Dapper Dan Speaks at The MoMa

If you've been immersed into hip hop culture, been to Harlem, or into fashion, it's very likely you've heard of legendary Dapper Dan.

Born Daniel Day, Dapper rise began in Harlem, New York. After wanting to escape the street life, he opened a store in Harlem and became known for dressing all the hustlers, rappers, and stars by customizing garments made with designer fashion fabric such as Gucci or Louis V. In this video I recorded most of Dan detailing his story. Talking about being shut down by the FBI, stealing designs out of designers dumpster in order to learn how they constructed garments, being mentored by John Henrik Clarke, and Floyd Mayweather Jr being his favorite client to work with. Up until recently, Dapper Dan wasn't really being acknowledged by the major brands he help popularized, until Gucci posted one of his jackets that set the Internet ablaze.

Listening to him I had no idea I'd be so inspired. I'd know alot about him already but I had no idea he was so cultured, well spoke and woke af. I'm looking forward to his Memoirs dropping in December.

Watch me ask him about being referenced in rapper lyrics in full.

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